Recent Works

Back in early 1992, I told myself that I could get a tattoo to celebrate my status as a true author. I completed my first printable short story and was soon sitting in a parlor in Italy with a guy who couldn’t speak English inking a crude quill into my right forearm. Man that stung.

Fast forward to January 1995 and I am staring at the acceptance letter from a small press magazine in North Carolina called “Lost Worlds.” My first story, “Gates”, appeared in their February issue and left me with no choice – I paid a man in Texas (who also didn’t speak English) to add a piece of parchment behind the quill.


So, Mr. Bigshot Writer, written anything good recently?

As a matter of fact:

I am currently working on a novel based on a post-technological USA and the people who have adapted to life without computers.  If you’d like to read the first few chapters,  email me.


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