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This Blog Is On Life Support

It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by, judging from the layer of dust. Between work, home, school, and the novel, I guess I let time get away from me and for that I apologize. I’ve also neglected the one thing I love most (next to my family) and that is writing. Sure, crafting college papers is a thrill, but nothing beats the fun of watching your little seedling of an idea unfold into a beautiful orchid-like story and then setting it free to be found by readers.

It is time, I think, to say adieu. This blog helped me find a voice when I needed to speak. What I need to do now is less rambling and more storytelling.

Starting May 1st, I am setting up shop on a new blog where I can focus on giving readers what they (and I) want – something interesting to read.

Looking for some good old-fashioned storytelling? Can do.

What about posts on the nature of theme or creating tension in a scene? I’ll recommend a few other blogs that can do it better, but I’m done with those.

Keep watching and I’ll add a link to the new space when it’s ready. In the meantime, I’m taking requests for the next story post…


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