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Want to Critique My Synopsis?

I’ve been working to wrap up my submission for the 2010 MWA Novel and Short Works Contests. The novel is done (middle still needs polishing), which leaves the one-page synopsis.

What’s it About?
Sent to rebuild America’s nuclear pulse-damaged infrastructure, a recovering alcoholic must defy orders to save an isolated Midwest town from a local militia’s sinister agenda.

What Can You Do?
I am looking for volunteers to give my synopsis a read-thru and let me know where I can improve it. It must not exceed one page, double-spaced, so I need to make sure that every word counts.

Thank you to everyone who offered comments and suggestions for making my synopsis better. I submitted this one-page synopsis for the 2010 MWA Novel contest.


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Short Story Opportunity

I was reading through my news feeds and ran across an interesting item coming from New Scientist magazine (pretty cool science articles that stretch your mind with discoveries being made today).  As part of their latest issue, September 16, they asked several fiction authors to give their vision of the future (+100 years) in short fiction stories.

= Link to New Scientist article =

Good news for us!  They are asking for aspiring authors to submit their own short stories (350 words max) depicting what things will be like one hundred years from now.  Please see the article linked above for details/rules and I hope you will join me in sending them a worthy story.  Deadline for entries (submitted online) is October 15, 2009.

After judging is over (if I haven’t won, of course), I will post my entry here so you can tell me what you would have done differently – can’t get better if I don’t get feedback…


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